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Tileable shower pan – an irreplaceable thing for any bathroom

Tileable shower pan is an irreplaceable thing for bathrooms where showers are installed. The popularity of this item has grown simultaneously with the popularity of showers which can become compact and ergonomic solutions for small bathrooms. If we observe numerous tileable shower pan reviews we will see that online shops that are selling bathroom accessories offer all possible variants of pans. Irregular shape of your shower basing is no problem […]

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Corian shower pan – durable and beautiful solution for your bathroom

For people, who appreciate durability and ease of maintenance, Corian shower pan is the best alternative to standard shower bases. Corian is a solid surface material composed of alumina trihydrate and acrylic polymer. It was created by the specialists from DuPont Company, the famous American chemical manufacturer. This material is non-porous, so Corian shower floor does not trap the dirt or absorb the colorants from cosmetic products that you use while […]

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Bathtub glass doors: all advantages in one thing

Glass is a unique material, suitable for every design, especially for bathtub glass doors. They can ideally suit every bathroom no matter what design style you have chosen. It has got many functions, many of which can not be replaced by other materials. Glass doors can be different and are divided into frameless and semi-frameless. Their main advantage is an ease of cleaning and of course decorative effect. Apart from […]

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Holcam Shower Doors: Premium Quality And Stylish Design

Holcam shower doors are considered among the best ones in the market. Holcam confirms it has the finest hardware in the whole industry. Meanwhile a tight and true fit is provided by the the magnetic sleek and strong catches, as well as aluminum piano hinges, which are pressed on to be stronger. According to Holcam shower doors reviews, all the models presented by Holcam are of exceptional quality and stylish […]

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Solid surface shower base: functionality of your bathroom

Уou cannot image a functional and durable shower enclosure without a solid surface shower base. The shower base is usually equipped with a drain hole, solid surface shower walls and sometimes a threshold. The shower base is usually made of the material preventing the slipping while taking a shower. A threshold to a solid surface shower pan creates a boarder that prevents the water dripping onto the bathroom floor. Today […]

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Shower surround panels: which is the best to choose?

If there is a time to renovate or refresh the bathroom interior looks, you may consider new shower surround panels. since a bathroom is a room with a high level of moister, surround walls of the shower enclosure are covered with mold with the course of time and this is both aesthetically not beautiful not hygienic. That is why you might first think about replacing the shower surrounds and only […]

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An appropriate company for an oil rubbed bronze shower door

Shower fixtures such as oil rubbed bronze shower door are supposed to be primary class goods. Customers expect them to be durable and give a special luxury look to their bathroom. Of course, finish is not the primary feature of shower fixtures. When you look for new bathroom accessories many factors are taken into account: their weight, materials and functionality. It is important to decide whether you need mounted or […]

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Neo angle shower doors for a modern bathroom

Neo angle shower doors together with an enclosure are an essential set and practical and elegant solution for enclosures in the smaller spaces. Such enclosures are very functional and convenient especially in those places where it is not possible to install a classical tube. There is a great choice of shower stalls presented in the market nowadays, but neo angle ones are the most agreeable because of their advantageous construction […]

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Corner tub shower combo: good design and ergonomics

Corner tub shower combo is a convenient design for a bathroom of any style. There are various interesting corner tub shower combo ideas you can consider to use for your home. Use numerous corner tub shower combo pictures demonstrating various styles you can finish your bathroom. Today it is so easy and possible to choose from the variety of styles and decorations for creating a completed stylish interior. A combo […]

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Why Should I Choose the Shower Door Direct?

Nowadays it is hardly thinkable a modern bathroom without a shower unit and one of widely used kinds of it is a direct shower door unit. Modern life changed greatly the attitude of people to questions of convenience and ease of use. The usage of doors instead of curtains not only permits to keep wet and water inside of the tube but makes your bathroom more stylish and creative. Such […]

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Cultured marble shower pan and walls – durable and beautiful solution for your bathroom

Cultured marble shower pans and walls are quite popular with the homeowners thanks to the durability and luxurious look. Cultured marble is an imitation stone; it is a man-made mixture of marble dust, polyester resin, fillers and pigments, covered by special gel coat. It’s color and texture is similar to real stone. Cultured marble is available in glossy and mate finishe. Cultured marble shower walls and tray look beautiful just […]

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How to install shower doors yourself

The simplest tips how to install shower doors will help you in doing this job yourself and saving money, as contractor labour is costy. Start with choosing the door type. You may the door with is pivot or a sliding unit. A sliding door will let you saving more space in the room than a pivot door. If you make the installation yourself, better give preference to framed doors. Frameless […]

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Durable Kohler shower faucets

American company Kohler manufactures luxury accessories for bathrooms and shower rooms, such as Kohler shower faucets. All Kohler shower faucets parts have a truly unique design combining European refinement with the American idea of good style. Every accessory of this firm is exclusive and can be great solution for bathroom. All elements of shower mixers are made from original and quality materials, which have massive forms. Therefore, in most cases […]

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The Benefits of Trackless Shower Doors

Trackless shower doors are created for those who are seeking unhampered access to the shower. Such a sort of shower doors may boast by an essential positive feature, you will never trip over it. So it’s a perfect decision for those who prefer spacious design of a bathroom and for disabled people. Speaking about trackless shower doors for bathtub it is important to note though that the absence of any […]

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Sterling shower enclosure – durable Vikrell material

Each Sterling shower enclosure is made of special material which is called Vikrell. This is a special stuff which is extra durable and easy to clean. The Vikrell composite material is made of fiberglass, resins and filler. Most of Kohler Sterling shower enclosures are made exactly from this stuff. Contemporary and easy to install, Sterling shower kits are not the cheapest among modern shower units which are offered today at […]

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Onyx shower base – a guarantee for esthetics and quality.

Onyx shower base is an option of enclosure pallet material, which is considered to be the most desirable and advantageous for the usage in the contemporary bathrooms. The major plus of onyx base is its ecologically friendly features. Onyx is a completely natural material that has a lot of required qualities for the given purpose. Onyx shower base price is not very low, that is not a secret to anybody. […]

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Kohler shower pan – the warranty of a great quality

The guarantee of a long lifespan of your shower stall is the installation there a Kohler shower pan. Being on the market since 19th century, the company has been producing the high quality Kohler shower pans which are made of acrylic or cast iron. If Kohler cast iron shower pans have been popular for (really!) centuries, acrylic stuff is a rather new material which is used by the famous manufacturer. […]

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Kohler shower pan to your taste

The guarantee of of a long lifespan of your shower stall is the installation there a Kohler shower pan. Being on the market since 19th century, the company has been producing the hight quality Kohler shower pans which are made of acrylic or cast iron. If Kohler cast iron shower pans have been popular for (really!) centuries, acrylic stuff is a rather new material which is used by the famous […]

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Terrazzo Shower Base Guarantees Premium Quality And Stylish Appeal

A Terrazzo shower base is a perfect addition for as commercial so residential bathroom spaces. Being made of crushed marble that is polished when dry after being set in portland, appears to be extremely durable and ready to be used for ages. The great value of terrazzo was first discovered in the 15th century, and yet it is on its top of popularity throughout the USA and Europe today. Regardless […]

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Stand up showers: comfort and style

Stand up showers are a wonderful and practical alternative to standard bath tubs, especially if you need to organize a small bathroom space. Walk-in shower not only adds great functionality, but also style and beauty to the overall interior of the bathroom. Stand up shower stall is a comfortable organized and minimally furnished shower enclosure with the tiled floor that is perfectly visible through the frameless glass walls and door. […]

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Acrylic shower panels for color and style of your bathroom

Quality acrylic shower panels are made of a well engineered polymer, with some addition of color. A very big advantage of such panels is its durability and easiness in maintenance, scratches and small damages are easily polished out. The latest acrylic shower panels reviews shows that contemporary panels is an excellent cost effective substitute to glass ones, which are easy to care about. It is important to say that acrylic panels […]

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Types of shower stall doors

There are various types of shower stall doors, and each of these types has got its benefits. The main two groups of glass shower stall doors are framed units and frameless doors. These shower stall doors price, appearance and durability differ a lot. Those units which has frames may cost two-three (and more) times less than the elegant, sleek and absolutely gorgeous looking doors with no frames. If a door […]

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Kohler shower door for your bathroom

Choosing a Kohler shower door you pick a high quality unit which will serve you for decades if you install it properly. The Kohler company offers its products through the stores of its dealers. Home Depot is one of them. Kohler shower doors at Home Depot stores vary by their models, sizes and prices. Hinged and bypass doors, bi-fold and pivot units are very popular there, The store deals with the […]

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Choosing a mobile home shower stall

Choosing your mobile home shower stall for recreational vehicle you can pick a unit with a bathroom which is integrated into the shower, a cubicle or a shower with a base. As a rule mobile home shower stalls are very difficult to upgrade of remove, that is why you should be extremely “picky” in choosing the type of a shower unit and extremely accurate in its installation. The unit for […]